ExaGrid Pricing

Thank you for your interest in ExaGrid. Our team is trained to ensure that your system is properly sized and supported to meet your growing data needs. We provide the best method to properly size a solution for your needs.

The ExaGrid hyper-converged secondary storage for backup product line consists of eight appliance models. Each appliance is sized for a full backup and for long-term retention.

Any ExaGrid appliance can be mixed and matched in the same scale-out system with any other size or age appliance, allowing customers to buy what they need as they need it. This pay-as-you-grow model allows up to 32 appliances in a single scale-out system.

All appliances and systems are managed by a single user interface. Multiple systems can be deployed in a single site, which allows for full backups up to petabytes.

ExaGrid offers various-sized appliance models that can be mixed and matched with up to 32 appliances in a single scale-out system. The largest scale-out system can take in up to a 2PB full backup with an ingest rate of 432TB/hr. This is 3X faster than any other backup storage on the market.